Nattou Nina Jade & Lili - Sofa-B01LZHEW7S

Nattou Nina Jade & Lili - Sofa-B01LZHEW7S

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Style Name:Nina, Jade and Lili

Nattou's Nina, Jade & Lili Child Sofa is the ideal piece of furniture for your child's nursery. We all have memories of our favourite cuddly toy from when we were a child, many of us still have it. It will either be passed on to our own children, displayed nostalgically or perhaps even have pride of place on our own beds. This lovely 'Child's Sofa' has all the hallmarks of being one of those very treasured items. Its cute looks and snuggly feel will be an instant winner with your little one. This soft plush sofa is just one product in Nattou’s range of gorgeous, fun and exciting nursery, activity and soft toys. So whether you are trying to create that perfect look and feel for your baby’s nursery or find that snuggly soft toy that your child will cherish for years to come, then this range will be perfect. Made from Nattou's super soft and snuggley plush fabric with a machine washable cover. Since your baby will face a lot of challenges, Nattou designs a cuddly soft and supporting friend for him or her. The Nattou cuddlies accompany baby during its explorations, when going to sleep and during greater and lesser grief in the first months of life. They give your little one the required trust, gentle security and comfort at crucial moments in the early stages of growth and development.

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1x Nattou Nina, Jade, & Lili - Sofa

Nattou Nina Jade & Lili - Sofa-B01LZHEW7S